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Oficjalny facebook Maite Itoiz
Autor Wiadomość

Pomogła: 1 raz
Posty: 6668
Wysłany: 10-01-19, 22:42   

Tinahet napisał/a:
Ale dobra, pewnie sie jej czepiam.

Nie no wcale się nie czepiasz :lol: . Ale tak serio, to użytkownicy maca chyba tak już mają :lol:
Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do.
So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Cover the road till the end of time

Posty: 2054
Skąd: Mysłowice
Wysłany: 15-01-19, 14:43   

OMG I just saw myself (crying) on German TV, in the spot for next Sunday's "Dancing on ice" 😅😆😅😂 arghh I really couldn't control my heart when John appeared there, flying like an angel in a deep blue universe of sparkling silver stars... It was like a dream! 😍😍😍😭😭😭

Nada, que ya me han calado en el programa alemán de "Dancing on ice" y dejan la cámara fija ahí directamente porque saben que no me puedo aguantar y lloro! 😂 Esta semana salgo en el anuncio del programa (llorando, claro) 😂 Arghh qué floja soyyy No tengo remedio... Qué imagen estoy dando, los alemanes ya me dan palmaditas en la espalda con cara de penica…

[ Dodano: 24-01-19, 19:52 ]
I just realized that my next coming birthday (next Sunday) is going to be the most nail-biting one I ever had since the very very first one...

[ Dodano: 25-01-19, 20:00 ]
When your husband dreams at night of learning and repeating over and over again a figure skating choreography and once in a while grabs you thinking you actually are his ice dance partner. 😴😴😨😖

[ Dodano: 31-01-19, 09:54 ]
*Update* We just came back from the hospital and they did not find any bleeding or broken bone after the hard fall John had in the general rehearsal yesterday, where he hit the back of his head very hard against the ice. We were lucky though!! Thank you so much for caring!! He's finally resting though he has a headache and the doctors said it would last for some days. I still can't believe he went into the ice live yesterday night, even with the shock. No wonder why at some point he was disorientated with the choreo... He doesn't even remember exactly what happened. Oh, my poor knight... He even had some energy to spend some moments with us at the hotel to cellebrate my stressful birthday afterwards... ❤ (Now it's me who has a headache too...)
I want to thank you all for your sweetness, for caring so much and also for taking your phone and call for John in this stressful moment. It was unbelievable. You're amazing!
(Photo by Willi Weber)

[ Dodano: 25-03-19, 15:07 ]
Odiiiiin!!! ⚡ Intense moment captured by Kees Stravers in Germany at the end of the Symphonic-Rock piece for soprano, ballet, orchestra, choir and rock band "The Call".

[ Dodano: 13-05-19, 19:19 ]
Almost finished with the production of another beautiful Neoclassical piece! It sounds like a fairy world 😍 I must say that sometimes I really prefer to produce music than doing anything else... (About live performing) Here in studio you are in power, you control all parameters, you make it sound like you want and there's no humans around. Only dogs allowed 🐶🐕🐾👍

[ Dodano: 24-05-19, 19:39 ]
Hoy tenía un trabajillo urgente en el estudio, acabo de terminar y me he quedado sin ver Iker ni Supervivientes ni nadaaa 😞 joooo... En fin, menos mieditor esta noche.

[ Dodano: 04-06-19, 08:43 ]
Fanów na stronie Maite Itoiz przybywa, jest już 7000 polubień ;-)

[ Dodano: 13-06-19, 10:30 ]
Jay... My dear friend. You left us by surprise and now we are all shocked! I wish that you find the way up there into the light, keep on creating and painting beautiful art over there and keep on cheering everybody up with your great humour, like you used to do here on Earth. But when we meet again up there, we're going to have a talk! 😡
Left too soon. RIP Jay Bell Redbird. We love you! 😕❤

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